Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada:
Tim: 604-607-1111;;

Albany, New York, USA:
Terry: 518-436-7098;

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA:
<High Noon @ NE Corner of Central and University> contact: Cindy: 505-880-0666; 281-6277(VoiceMail);; organization: NM-NORML – (505)281-6277(VoiceMail); (810)821-0690(Fax);

Amherst, Massachusetts, USA:
Angela: 413-545-1122;;

Amsterdam, Netherlands:
Has: +31(0)20-6107807;;

Arlington, Texas, USA:
Paula: 817-299-8447;

Asheville, North Carolina, USA:
<High Noon @ Mike’s Side Pocket (Haywood Rd)>Bring all the weed, and enjoy a great time of smoking and getting messed the fuck up.; contact: Mary Jane: 828-254-4062;; organization: Free The Weed – PO Box 1661 Asheville, NC 828-254-4062;;

Ashland, Ohio, USA:
Amber: 419-289-8810; 419-207-8834;;

Athens, Georgia, USA:
<High Noon @ College Square>March begins @ High Noon on Saturday at College Square and ends at the 25th Annual Athens Human Rights Fest.; contact: Charles:;

Atlanta, Georgia, USA:
<High noon @ Tower Grove Park> contact: Paul: 404-522-2267(Daytime);; organization: C.A.M.P. – P.O. Box 5718 Atlanta, GA 31107 404-522-2267(Daytime); 404-523-9004(Fax);; Coalition for the Abolition of Marijuana Prohibition

Auckland, New Zealand:
<high noon to 5pm @ Albert Park><high noon to 4:20 @ AOTEA SQUARE (Queen St by the Town Hall)>Tigi Ness/Unity Pacific band, Cornerstone Roots, The Midnights, Bassteppa Sound System, DJ Sensei, information stall, markets, Grower’s Ironman, the declaration of a prohibition-free zone & more. Sponsors: The Hempstore, Switched On Gardener, Knaster Hanf; contact: Chris: 09 302-5255;; organization: National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, NZ Inc. – PO Box 3307 Auckland New Zealand +64 9 302-5255(Daytime); +64 9 303-1309(Fax);;

Augusta, Maine, USA:
Drums around the Capitol; Cindi: 207-696-8879; 207-696-3324;;

Austin, Texas, USA:
Sarah: 512-481-9123;; organization: Austin M5 Coalition –;

Barcelona, Spain:
Ernesto: +34-93-317 01 30;; organization: CANAMO – +34-93-412 16 19(Fax);;

Basel, Switzerland:
+41 61 263 98 70(Fax);;

Batesville-Oxford, Mississippi, USA:
662-578-6993;; organization: NFN Enterprise – 662-578-6993(Fax);;

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA:
Robin: 225-667-9270;;

Battle Creek, Michigan, USA:
<Noon-6:00pm @ Friendship Park where Capital Ave crosses the river.>Drum circle and speeches in the park. March at 4:20pm on the Calhoun County Correctional Facility.; contact: Jay: 269-697-4521;;

Bergen, Norway:
<16.00 @ Torgallmenningen> contact: Jan: +47 99 32 59 61;; organization: NORMAL – +47 22 46 39 84;; Norwegian Organisation for Reform of the Marijuana Laws

Berlin, Germany:
Martin: 0049-30-2949-0201;;

Berne, Switzerland:
Swiss Hanf Koordination Sekretariat; + 41-31-398-1444;;

Birmingham, Alabama, USA:
Loretta: 256 234-0342;;

Birmingham, UK:
<picnic 12-5pm @ Cannon Hill Park>picnic or join trip to london; contact: Mark: 0121-256-1303;; (Birmingham Scene Report) organizations: Grow More Weed Campaign – PO Box 9121 Birmingham 0121 256 1302(Fax); 0121-256-1302;; Iron Man Records/Badger Promotions – PO BOX 9121 Birmingham B13 8AU UK The Badger Promotions mailing lists: info on live music events in Birmingham area); The Iron Man Records mailing list: info on all Iron Man Records related activities);

Bishop, California, USA:
<4:20 @ Main street>Blazing bongloads in front of cop station and munchies for everyone; <4:20 AM @ Park> contact: Carlos: 7608724743;; organization: Caltrans –

Boone, North Carolina, USA:
<1:30 pm @ Jones house (beside Mast General on King St.)>a peaceful march on King Street, followed by performances by local bands and Guest speakers. The march starts beside the courthouse @ 5pm; <5:00 pm @ Court House>The march starts beside the courthouse; contact: Joshua: 828 266 7587; 828 719-9231;;;=2266 (Article on the Boone march)

Boston, Massachusetts, USA:
781-944-2266; organization: Cannabis Reform Coalition\NORML – P.O. Box 0266 Georgetown, MA 01833-0366 781-779-1334(Fax);

Boulder, Colorado, USA:
<canceled @ location: n/a>The Boulder, Colorado event has been canceled because of outrageous government-mandated expenses. The event in Denver ( is still on. We apologize for any inconvenience.; contact: Ralph: 303-546-6125;;

Bratislava, Slovakia:
Daniel: 00420 776 126 587;;

Braunschweig, Germany:;

Bremen, Germany:
Silke: 0162 33 99 334;;

Brno, Czech Republic:
Vaclav: +420-737-8111-07;;

Brussels, Belgium:
Ottavio: +32-2-284-5496;;

Bucharest, Romania:
Clauditza: 004092195819;;

Budapest, Hungary:
<4th of May, 1600-1900 @ V. Vörösmarti tér> contact: Peter: +36-1-4600145;; Dániel: +36 (1) 46-001-46; organization: Kendermag Egyesület (Hempseed Association) –

Buenos Aires, Argentina:
daihatsu: (011) 15 40289847;;

Buffalo, New York, USA:
<12 NOON – 6 PM @ Bidwell Park (Elmwood Ave.)>After hours parth (location TBA); contact: Brian: 716-886-3396;; Philip: 716-895-1987;; organization: B.A.C.H. –

Burlington, Vermont, USA:
<1 til 5pm @ Battery Park>Music by Channel 2 Dub Band; 8 speakers – neurologist Dr.Joe McSherry & Rep.Dave Zuckerman(Vermont medical mj legislation – unfortunately isn’t going anywhere), several alternative party candidates, chair of the LP, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, etc.; <1 til 5pm @ Battery Park>Info tables from the MPP, NORML, FIJA, FEAR, and more. Cannabis info and ibogaine discussion. We usually get 500 to 1,000 people in attendance and make the 6 o’clock TV news on Saturday and front page Sunday coverage in most of the statewide newspapers.; contact: Denny: (802) 496-2387;; matt: (802) 865-9410;; organizations: Vermont Libertarian Party – PO Box 5475 Burlington VT 05402-5475 1-800-682-1776;; VT-NORML – 31 Town Line Rd. Grand Isle, VT 05458 (802) 372-9512;;

Capetown, South Africa:

Charleston, West Virginia, USA:
<1pm @ In front of the Capitol’s steps.>There was no events for Charleston so I decided to list this. We plan to meet at the capitol steps with signs and protest. So far 5 people will definatley be there. Please I beg if you can make it come and fight against marijuana madness with us.; contact: Ginger:;

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA:

Chicago, Illinois, USA:
<High Noon @ Federal Plaza, (Dearborn & Jackson downtown)>Speakers & music, displays & info. The march begins at 1pm & then we’ll return to Federal Plaza for more music & speakers. Bring drums, other noisemakers, signs, or just YOU and your friends. Hope to see you there!; <May 17-18, High Noon – 9pm @ Montrose & the Lakefront>Windy City Hemp Fest; contact: Caren: 773-381-9330;;

Chico, California, USA:
Butte Alliance for Medical Marijuana; 530-345-1997;;

Christchurch, New Zealand:
<may 1 @ High Noon @ Canterbury University Students Union>Cognitive Liberty; <may 2 High Noon @ High Street>Meeting of the Heads – launch of the MMM.. and speeches all afternoon.; <may 3 High Noon @ under the Cathedral (Cathedral Square)>J-Day in the Square! – music, celebrities, speakers, jugglers, contests, stalls, prohibition-free zones, prizes and ‘goodies’ galore! Rain date: Sunday 4th. Sponsors: Cosmic Corner, Hydrogarden, Phantom Billstickers, RDU 98.5 FM, Knaster Hanf; <may 4 all evening until late. @ the MEDIA CLUB (Armagh Street)>Cures not Wars Dance Party; contact: Blair: ++64 3 389-4065; 025 2657219;; 64-33227448;; (further event details/images etc.) organization: Mild Green Media Centre –; Mild Green Initiatives, for your liberty, pleasure, health and safety.

Christiania, Denmark:
<1. May at 14.00 @ Christiania>F.H.M. invites all in Denmark to paticipate in a big demonstration truh Copenhagen city, moving around in a long smoke-inn-session. There will be given joints out for free and we smoke some fruitpibes with lotsof hashish also free for everyone…; <3. May at 13.00 @ Christiania>Free Hashish Movement invites all people to join the Million Marijuana March from Christiania out and around in Copenhagen city, ending up on Christiansborg Slotsplads (in front of the parliamentbuilding).; <3. May at 13.00 @ Christiania>Here will invited politicians, doctors, aidscampaign, cancerscientist, actors, philosophers, and other creative idea-makers, speak from a stage, loud and clear in hope of that also our politicians in the parliament get interested in the debate…; <3. May at 13.00 @ Christiania>There will be nice entertaintment with music and performances… Pusherstreet in Christiania donate the hash, skunk, marijuana, joint´s and so on, that Free Hashish Movement hand out to the people. Come with a smile on your face (c: take part in the place; contact: Zid: +0045-32956507; +0045-21655029;;; organization: Fri Hash Bevaegelsen (Free Hashish Movement) – Hampens Plads, Christiania-Copenhagen, Denmark +0045-21655029;; We demand our politicians to legalize cannabis & secure the individual persons right to make free choices.

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA:
<Saturday May 3rd 8:00pm @ Miamitown, Ohio>Join us on May 3rd for the HempRock Music Fundraiser; <Sunday May 4th 3:00pm @ Cincinnati, Ohio Fountain Square>Million Marijuana March/Rally on May 4th from 3-6pm; contact: Lynne “the Happy Hemptress”: 513-68-4-HEMP;; organization: Hemprock Productions – P.O. Box 18253 Erlanger, KY 41018;

Cleveland, Ohio, USA:
<high noon @ Meet at Cleveland’s Public Square NW Quadrant>Help us legalize marijuana by joining us and marching to surround the Cuyahoga County Jail. March starts at 1:30pm Contest for best poster and funny cigarette rolling contest. The JIMILLER BAND and speakers and more at Jesse Owens Park after the march.; contact: John: (216)521-9333;; organization: Ohio Cannabis Society – 216-521-9333;;

Cologne, Germany:
Vinnie: 0221 562-6347;; organization: grow!Club CannaCom –;

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA:
<12 noon @ Acacia Park>Live music-Johnny and the Jugs, talks, info booth….; contact: Bob: 719-685-1189;;

Columbia, Missouri, USA:
Dan: (573) 443-6866; 573-819-2669;;

Columbia, South Carolina, USA:
<4 PM @ South Carolina State House on Gervais St at Main St>Rally with speakers addressing various issues of hemp/cannabis/marijuana law reform; contact: Henry: 803-413-8144;; Malece: 803-691-5227;; organization: Midlands NORML – 1300 Langford Rd Blythewood, SC 29016 803-691-5227;;

Columbus, Ohio, USA:
<4:20 PM @ 15th and High>Rally; <5:00 PM @ 15th and High>March to Goodale Park; contact: Russ: 614-291-1026;; Ken: 614-265-VOTE;; organization: OSU-SSDP –

Copenhagen, Denmark:
Klaus: (+0045) 32 95 65 07; hampenyt!; Zid:; ((The party For HEMP))

Daingerfield, Texas, USA:

Dallas, Texas, USA:
Paula: 817-299-8447;

Darwin, Australia:

Dayton, Ohio, USA:
<1:00 @ Mayor’s Office (101 W. Third Street)>RALLY AT Mayor’s Office, City Hall; <1:30 @ Mayor’s Office>MARCH STARTS; <2:30 – 4:00 @ Cooper PARK>RALLY AND FESTIVAL! food and drink at park, cannabis culture magazine give away, petition signing, and more!; <4:00 (FESTIVAL ENDS) @ Cooper PARK>Volunteers needed to Clean up the park; contact: Sterling: 937-685-9148;; organization: Ohio Marijuana Party – and more info)

DeKalb, Illinois, USA:

Denver, Colorado, USA:
Ken: 303-935-6534;; 303-546-6125;;

Derry, New Hampshire, USA:
<1pm @ Alexander Carr park>Big, Everyone come!; <1pm @ Hood Pond park> contact: Derek White: 603-437-3973;; organization: Free Teens – 603-216-2056;;

Des Moines, Iowa, USA:
<Noon @ on the West Steps of the State Capitol Building>Speakers include State Representative Ed Fallon (maps on our web site at; contact: Terry: (515) 789-4442;; Carl:; organization: Iowa NORML – from our 2003 MMM)

Dessau, Germany:;

Detroit, Michigan, USA:
<Noon-5:00pm @ Grand Circus Park at Woodward & Adams>Two bands, speakers and “Shattered Lives” display. Ibogaine press conference at 2:30pm Sidewalk march at 4:20pm along Woodward; contact: Professor Hemp: 313-506-5724;; Dimitri: 313-563-3192;

Dover, Delaware, USA:
<High Noon @ On Mall behind Legislative Hall> contact: Richard: (302) 793-0716;; organization: Delaware Cannabis Society –

Dublin, Ireland:
<2 PM onwards @ Bushy Park Amphitheatre (Terenure, Co. Dublin))>J-Day 2003 will take place in the Bushy Park Amphitheatre on Saturday, May 3rd, from 2 PM onwards. All are welcome.; contact: Philip:;

Duesseldorf, Germany:
Marlon: 049-172-7591795;;

Dunedin, New Zealand:
<high noon @ The Octagon>Dunedin J Day! Another good old fashioned Otepoti fog up. This one goes out to Peter Dunne – bring your buddies, drums, smiles. Sponsors: Knaster Hanf; contact: Duncan Eddy: 025-719139;; organization: Dunedin NORML –

Durban, South Africa:
+27 31 2016 359; +27 31 2016 359(Fax);;

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA:
<Noon – 10 pm @ Rod and Gun Park>Food, Beer, Music, Speakers, Raffle, Games & More…. Festival starts at Noon. Come early – Clown around! Half Price Beer from 12:00 till 2:00. Sponsored by UWEC SSDP; contact: organization: UWEC SSDP – more info)

Edinburgh, UK:
Linda: 0131-667-6488;;

El Paso, Texas, USA:
Steve: 915-497-0165;;

Eugene, Oregon, USA:
Kris: 800-556-2012; 541-744-0090;;

Fairbanks, Alaska, USA:
Project Manhigh; Timothy: 907-474-9007;

Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA:
Tom: (479) 251-1780;; Nancy: 479-582-4138; organization: First Church of the Magi – P.O.Box 2827 Fayetteville, AR 72702

Feldkirch, Austria:
Hempfest Organized by Legalize! Österreich and Bürgerinitiative Cannabis;;

Flensburg, Germany:
Peter: 0461-13620;; Irene: 04632-871771;

Flint, Michigan, USA:
Rev. “Happy”: 989 872 8005;;

Freiburg, Germany:

Ft. Myers, Florida, USA:
<time: n/a @ In Centennial Park> contact: Rene: 239-567-0467;

Ft. Smith, Arkansas, USA:
<high noon until around 11pm @ fort smith park on clayton expressway>the rally is a day long free event w/several bands lined up and a local restaurant (the hamburger barn) is bringing the food and drinks.; contact: Mondria: 479-78-EARTH;; organization: Ozark Mountain Hemp – 479-78-EARTH;;

Ft. Wayne, Indiana, USA:
Nick: (260) 496-8542;;

Ft. Worth, Texas, USA:

Garberville, California, USA:
Paul: 707 923 4488;; jeri:;

Geneva, Switzerland:
Delta9: +41 22 800 22 32; +41 22 800 22 33(Fax);;

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada:
<HIGH noon-7.00p.m. @ The Halifax Commons(by Pavilion) Robie St.>MARIJUANA MAY-Day CELEBRATION! – Bands,Guest speakers,and of course munchies. (Rain date: Sunday,May 4th); contact: Michael: 902 865-8606;; organization: HempWorks –

Hamburg, Germany:
<time: n/a @ Kulturhaus Eppendorf> contact: Martina: ++49 40 4394493;;

Hamilton, Bermuda:
<2PM – untill @ Astwood Park, south shore>There will be a rally at Astwood Park, south shore from 2PM – untill. Come Enjoy the music, sign petitions, express your views; there is a scheduled forum for May. Come and let’s change Bermuda laws.; contact: Queen Selassie:; organization: H.E.M.P – Healers Educating Misinformed People

Hartford, Connecticut, USA:
Mike: 860-283-6112;;

Hayward, California, USA:
<time: n/a @ BART station>concert? maybe; contact: Rebecca: 510.481.5349;;

Hearst, Ontario, Canada:
Les: 705-362-8402;;

Helsinki, Finland:; organization: Finnish Cannabis Association –;

Hilo, Hawaii, USA:
Roger: (808) 961-0488;;

Houston, Texas, USA:
Dean: (281)752-9198;;

Hull, UK:
<time: n/a @ Pearson Park??> contact: Carl: +44 01482 494789;

Huntsville, Alabama, USA:
<1 PM until 4 PM @ southwest corner of the Madison County Courthouse>Literature will be distributed as we call for the liberation of cannabis and the release of drug war prisoners.; contact: Corey: 256-325-4372;; Angel:; Acorn: 256-489-2607;;

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA:
Neal: 317-335-6023;;

Ithaca, New York, USA:
<May 4th, 3pm @ Cornell’s Ho Plaza>(in front of Willard Straight Hall and by the belltower); contact: Adam:;

Jackson, Mississippi, USA:
<12 noon @ Smith Park(downtown Jackson, across from the Governor’s mansion)>march; contact: Anthony: 601-366-2884;;

Jacksonville, Florida, USA:
Kodi: (904)-757-5306;;

Jerusalem, Israel:
Joseph: (011 972) 55-344-859;;

Kansas City, Missouri, USA:
‘its a beautiful day’; David: 816-678-7447; 816 931 6169;;

Kansas City, Kansas, USA:
<10:00am-5:00pm @ downtown kansas city hall>to show city hall, and the states of missouri & kansas, that marijuna should be legal; its not fair that weed is legal for prisciption only? there are millions of people who lives are chopped in half because the goverment wants control of the drug market.; contact: bear: 913-788-2834;; d-dogg: 913-3343337;;

Kendallville, Indiana, USA:
Andrew: 260-349-1029;

Kingston, Jamaica:
May 2: petition presentation to Prime Minister at Jamaica House, Kingston; May 3: march and concert/reasoning in Kingston; Paul: (876) 972-0817;;; Jah Lion: (876) 426-5731;; Irie Lion: (876) 854-1600; (876) 794-8087(Fax);

Knoxville, Tennessee, USA:

Lansing, Michigan, USA:
Certified ASL interpreters; Kathy: 517-628-3915;;

Lawrence, Kansas, USA:
<6:00 pm on Friday, May 2 @ South Park> contact: Chase: 785-979-8465;; organization: KU SSDP –; Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Leipzig, Germany:
C.U. Rolf: 03412131477;;;; veejaykay:;;

Levin, New Zealand:
<1pm @ Kimberley Reserve>the park will become a prohibition-free zone, with Norml information stand and discussions including growing, safe smoking, law reform and much more. Sponsors: Knaster Hanf; contact: 06-368-8181;; organization: Levin NORML –

Lexington, Kentucky, USA:
Gatewood: 859-259-1522;;

Limburg, Germany:
<08:00 AM to 04:00 PM @ Central City at the “Europaplatz”> Rally, Interviews with the people, Music (Söllner, Joint Venture, Witthüser and Westrupp), Signatur campaign, information, research material about hemp.; contact: Valentin: +49 6431 74185; +49 177 5024425;; Fasanenstraße 665553 Limburg

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA:
Patrick: 501-697-0305;;

Ljubljana, Slovenia:
<3 pm, May 10 @ square Kongresni trg>”Manifestation Against Prohibition of Truth.” The event, starting at 3 pm, will in addition to speakers and music groups also host various workshops.; <3 pm May 10 @ square Kongresni trg>The purpose of the event is not only to achieve changes in legislation in the field of growing and using cannabis, but it also concentrates on media and politicians’ attitude towards this problem.; <9 pm May 10 @ club SubSub & Gala Hala>At 9 pm, the happening will continue in club Sub Sub, Ljubljana; Gala Hala, Gromka (Metelkova) afterdark mmm happening at different locations. house, reggae and jazz music.; contact: Tina: who wish to express their opinion on cannabis prohibition at the event should e-mail it along with their name and address); Mojca: 0038641786490;; Irena:; organization: Student Organisation ŠOU v Ljubljana – Kersnikova 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (Prohibicija Slepi!)

London, UK:
Shane: 020 8671 5936; 07931 243 855;; Chris: 020 7637 7467; 0870 0548646(Fax);; organization: ICC (UK) – PO Box 2243 London, W1A 1YF, UK International Cannabis Coalition

Los Angeles, California, USA:
Sister Somayah: 323-232-0935;

Lucerne, Switzerland:

Lugano, Switzerland:
Andreas: +41 91 923 40 85(Fax);;

Luxembourg, Luxembourg:
Paul: 00352 26 53 08 95; 091 690 355;;

Lyon, France:
+33 (0)4 72 71 04 77; +33 (0)4 72 71 06 93(Fax);;

Madison, Wisconsin, USA:
<after 11AM @ State Street Steps of Wisconsin Capitol>Gather at State Street Steps of Wisconsin Capitol after 11AM. Speakers and march to follow. Co-sponsored by Wisconsin NORML and; contact: Ben: 608-257-5456;; organization: Wisconsin NORML –

Manchester, UK:
0161 834 1130;; organization: Cannabis Coalition (Manchester) –

Marburg, Germany:
<time: n/a @ Cafe Am Grün> contact: Jo: 06631/801512;

Maui, Hawaii, USA:
Peace, Joy, & Jah Love!; Heather: 808-891-0303;; Jeffrey:; organization: Sacred Herb Ministry –;

Melbourne, Florida, USA:
Kevin: (321)-726-6656; Jodi: 321-253-3673; organizations: FL CAN – CAMM – Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana

Mexico City, Mexico:
<15:00 hrs. @ Alameda Central>Marcha Informativa, batucada y diversión; contact: Tato:; Camello:; organization: AMECA –; Asociación Mexicana de Estudios Sobre el Cannabis

Miami, Florida, USA:
<time: n/a @ Peacock Park>A smoke out/drum circle in Peacock Park with lots of good buds.; contact: Nelg Nella: 954-929-7025;; Janine: (561) 702-5004; 561-706-1670;;

Miamitown, Florida, USA:
“The Happy Hemptress”: 513-684-HEMP;;

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA:
<2:00 @ Corner of Brady and Prospect, on the east side>people should show up after 1:00pm….events depend on the weather…; contact: Domini: 414-469-0899;; Opee:;

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA:
<High Noon @ Loring Park> contact: Chris: 612-522-5374;; organizations: Grassroots Party – NORMLMN –

Missoula, Montana, USA:
<3PM @ Jacob’s Island>We’ll gather on the island and then march en masse to Caras Park just after 4:20.; contact: John: 406 542-8696;; organization: Montana NORML –;

Montpelier, Vermont, USA:
<12 noon to 6pm @ Vermont State House Lawn>Vermont State House Lawn, Montpelier, VT, 12 noon to 6pm, march through downton Montpelier at 2pm.; contact: Rama: (802) 433-5441;;

Montreal, Quebec, Canada:
<2 p.m. @ BARRI SQUARE>The exact route of the March has not yet been decided. We anticipate more of a fun celebration, rather than a political protest.; contact: Marc-Boris: (514)528.1768;;

Moscow, Russia:
we’re not planniing any public actions in Moscow this year. However, spontaneous actions might take place……; Headmaster:;

Munich, Germany:;

Nashville, Tennessee, USA:
Howie & Marivuana: (615)ACT-HIGH;;;

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA:
Daisy: 504-957-HERB;;

New Paltz, New York, USA:
<1pm – 10pm Sunday, May 4th @ Old Main QUAD>Rock Against Racism IV and The Global March for Cannabis Liberation New Paltz Leg – Rain or Shine – Big Top Tents; Free and Open To The Public; <1pm – 10pm Sunday, May 4th @ Old Main QUAD>”Tony Vacca/World Rhythms with Massamba Diop”(Xylephones, Tama, Djembe, electric bass, and more!), “The High Times Cannabis Cup Band”(Reggae), “Buddha Fulla Rymez”(Detroit Hip Hop), “The Shadowmaps” & “ToeMosh”(Battle of the Bands Finalists), and more TBA; <1pm – 10pm Sunday, May 4th @ Old Main QUAD>Speakers Include: Dhoruba Bin Wahad (Co-Founder Black Liberation Army/Senior Member of The Black Panther Party/Wrongly Imprisoned 20 years), Mary Barr (Prison Reform Activist/ReconsiDer Speaker Bureau); <1pm – 10pm Sunday, May 4th @ Old Main QUAD>Speakers Include: Cliff Thornton (National NORML/SSDP Board Member), NJ Weedman (Ed Forchion Medical Marijuana Activist/Political Prisoner), Robert Robinson (Advisor New Paltz NORML/SSDP), plus many more TBA!; <1pm – 10pm Sunday, May 4th @ Old Main QUAD>Sponsored by: The Student Association, NYPERG, Synthesis, MAPI, QSU & NYSCAN Vendors, Free Information, Petitions, March, Rally, Concert, Fun, Legal Hemp, Letter Writing, Voter Registration, Great People, Good Vibes, Plus So Much More!; contact: (845) 257-2687;; organizations: New Paltz NORML – PO Box 775 New Paltz, NY 12561 Rock Against Racism IV & The Global March For Cannabis Liberation is hosted & produced By New Paltz NORML/SSDP SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy) – Rock Against Racism IV & The Global March For Cannabis Liberation is hosted & produced By New Paltz NORML/SSDP

New York, New York, USA:
<12:00 – 1:00 @ Houston & Broadway>march to City Hall; contact: Dana: 212-677-7180(24-7);; organization: Cures not Wars – #9 Bleecker Street New York, NY 10012 212-677-7180(24-7); 212-353-1670(Fax);; Cures not Wars is a non-profit orginization working for drug law reform, the Ibogaine cure for addiction, and clean needle exchange.

Newark, Delaware, USA:
Richard: (302) 793-0716;; organization: Delaware Cannabis Society –

Nimbin, Australia:
<4.20 Pm @ Nimbin> contact: Max: 61 0266 891842;; (the 2003 Live webcast of what has historicaly been one of the biggest roll-ups on Earth)

Normal, Illinois, USA:
Zach: 309-275-6112;; Miriam: 309-275-6110; organization: MASH –; Mobilizing Activists and Students for Hemp

Nuernberg, Germany:
Emanuel: 0049-(0) 911-535433;; organization: Green Party – +0049-172-818-2178;;

Oberlin, Ohio, USA:
Patty: (440)774-4544;;

Ogden, Utah, USA:
Happy: 801-393-2735;;

Omaha, Nebraska, USA:
<before 2 pm @ React Center (15th and Farnam)>We will be meeting beforehand to make signs.; <2-4pm @ Gene Leahy Mall (14th and Farnam)> contact: Paul: (402)598-6180;; organization: NORML –

Orlando, Florida, USA:
Kacie: (407)895-3492;; joseph:;

Oslo, Norway:
<15.00 @ Youngstorget> contact: Torkel: +47 99 32 59 61;; organization: NORMAL – +47 22 46 39 84;;

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:
Don: 613-749-3014;; Rick: 613-756-2961; Rob: 613-756-5892;

Paducah, Kentucky, USA:
<11:00 am @ Dolly McNutt Plaza (5th & Clark-downtown Paducah)>Rally at the Plaza! Special celebrity speakers include: George ‘The Living Proof’ McMahon(legal Federal marijuana patient), Christopher Largens(international journalist), Fat Freddy(Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comic book hero),; <11:00 am @ Dolly McNutt Plaza>Speakers include: Kathy Lyons(KY hemp & marijuana activist), Reverend Roland A. Duby(KY cannabis comic), Cher Ford-McCullough(KY State Director AAMC and Compassionate Moms), Randy Cheatham(Jacksonville, Florida CAN); <NOON @ Dolly McNutt Plaza>March! Live music by Ropel-Ash Band(Bardwell, KY) & various entertainment throughout the day. Sponsored in part by: KY/AAMC, Compassionate Moms, Cures-Not-Wars, Cannabis Culture Magazine; contact: Cher: (270) 362-8186;;

Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA:
Steve: 719-964-8174;;

Paradise, California, USA:
Virgil: 530-877-5814;

Paris, France:
<3:00 PM @ Bastille place>Like in 2001 and 2002, for MMM 2003 there will be rallies around France (Montpellier, Lyon, Rennes, Marseille, Lille, Annecy,…) and in Paris, the nation-wide gathering in Bastille place 3:00 PM.; contact: farid: 00 33 (1) 44 93 93 57(Fax); 00 33 (1) 40 09 69 75;;;

Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA:
<1:00pm to 3:00 pm @ Point Park> contact: Cindy: 304-428-1726;; organizations: Mountaineers for Medical Cannabis – P.O. Box 1151 Parkersburg, WV 26101 American Alliance for Medical Cannabis –

Patterson, California, USA:
David: 209-892-6640;;

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA:
<1pm @ 8th and South>We will March from 8th and South to Headhouse Square (aproximately at 2nd and South) and have our rally there. Bring a sign & a friend or two: Speakers, open mike, & more. (We ask that people don’t smoke during the march, for the comfort of others); contact: chuck: 610-279-6358; chuckp@CritPath.Org; Dirty & Kaya:;

Phoenix, Arizona, USA:
<time: n/a @ Encanto park>Rally @ Encanto park; contact: donovan: 602-486-6145;; rex: 602-618-4521; organization: Conscience Credence Cannabis Committee – POB 86112 Phoenix, AZ 85080-6112 602-200-9461;

Pilsen, Czech Republic:
pavla: ++3282488420; ++43428098;;;

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA:
Frank: 412-247-3674;

Pordenone, Italy:
Anna: ++3282488420;; Ivan: ++43428098;

Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada:
<4:20am @ 420 Bench><4:20pm @ ADSS – Stoner Corner> contact: Alex: 250-723-2547;; Anil: 250-724-7196;;

Portland, Oregon, USA:
<High Noon @ Pioneer Courthouse Square>Gather at 11:30 am to march through downtown Portland for the 4th Annual Million Marijuana March at High Noon; contact: Madeline: (503) 239-6110;; Anna: 503-239-6110;; organization: Oregon NORML – PO Box 86443 Portland, OR 97286 503-239-6110;

Potsdam, Germany:
<All-day @ location: n/a>All-day hemp event; contact: 0331-7405540;;

Prague, Czech Republic:
Michael: +420 603 872631; +420 2 33358050;;

Providence, Rhode Island, USA:
Tom: (401) 737-7057;;

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA:
<All day!! @ Fayetteville St. Pedestrian Mall>Raleigh, NC MMM will be held all day at the Fayetteville St. Pedestrian Mall (downtown); <11am – 1pm @ Fayettevill St. pedestrian mall>Drum circle! Bring your drums!; <3:30 pm @ NC Capitol>Free concert! The Valient Thorr, The Kickass, The Bruce, Prelude to Damnation, The Escape Artists, and more!; contact: Brian: (919)816-0609;; Jeff: 919-247-2644;;

Rapid City, South Dakota, USA:
Bob: 605-255-4032;;

Reno, Nevada, USA:
<3:00P @ IDLEWILD PARK>SUPREME COURT JUDGE JIM GRAY will be a guest speaker, as well as local university student – BILL. we will be doing voter registration and signing the “truth in trials act” letters to give to JIM GIBBONS.; <3:00P @ IDLEWILD PARK>i will also have examples of hemp products to show people what is out there.; contact: Michelle: 775-287-1594;;

Reykjavik, Iceland:

Richmond, Virginia, USA:
<High noon @ Monroe Park (Belvedere & Main, near VCU)>Free Music: Child, Southern Funk Orchestra, Project G-nome, Bliss, Speak Easy, Richmond Dub Collective, E-String Al. There will be speakers, games, demonstrations, exhibits, voter registration, food, hemp food & more. Speakers from many reform groups.; <High Noon @ Monroe Park (This is NOT a “smoke-in”)>we are exercising our Constitutionally-protected rights to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. We strongly urge that all attendees never break even a stupid, unconstitutional law when you’re likely to be caught!; <4:20 pm @ Monroe Park>March to Capitol Square; brief rally there, back to the park for more music/education/fun.; contact: Roy: (804)355-7612;; Cera: 1-800-669-2466 ext. 800-800-HEMP;;

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:
Luiz:; +55-21-9885 9162;;

Roanoke, Virginia, USA:
Marty: 540 772 6355;;

Rockford, Illinois, USA:
Kane: 815-871-8747;;

Rome, Italy:
Michela: mgesuald@ilmanifesto; organization: Segreteria Forte Prenestino –;

Rosario, Argentina:
+54 – 341- 4642699; +54-341-155093184;;

Salem, Oregon, USA:
<TBA @ TBA>March and Rally plans TBA– probably high noon around state capital building; contact: 503.363-4588;; organization: Medical Cannabis Resource Center –

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA:
Ken: 801-334-8122;;; Ben: 801-533-5267;;

San Diego, California, USA:
Donna: (619) 223-1050;;

San Francisco, California, USA:
Clark: (415) 724-5081;; organization: Hemp Evolution –;

San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA:
we will be concentrating on bridging the gap between the English speaking community and Spanish speaking communities; Alejandro: 787-345-9036;;

San Luis Obispo, California, USA:
Donovan: 805-474-8742;; Jo-D: 805.937.0034;

San Marcos, Texas, USA:
<time: n/a @ Hemptown Rock> contact: Joe: 512.754.0264;;; Rose: 512 3960580;; organization: Hemptown Rock – 232 N. LBJ San Marcos Texas 78666 512 3960580;

Santa Clara, California, USA:

Santa Cruz, California, USA:
DdC:; list);;

Sao Paulo, Brazil:
Victor: 30620225;; Cabeca: 35678903;; Rodrigo:; Leonardo:;

Schertz, Texas, USA:
<noon @ schertz park — March, Rally, & Concert>This will be the 2nd annual Marijuana Liberation Day for Schertz Texas. Come out and show the people that You support the legalization of marijuana.; contact: Justis:;

Schlitz, Germany:
<14:00 @ the Schlosspark>Grüne Hilfe Hessen, Demonstration: “Gebt das Hanf frei!”, with Live-music, info booths, etc; contact: Jo: 06631/801512; 06631/801512(Fax);

Seminole, Florida, USA:;

Sioux City, Iowa, USA:

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA:
Bob: 605-255-4032;;

Sofia, Bulgaria:

Soltau, Germany:
Sven: 05191-975296;;

South Bend, Indiana, USA:
<Noon-5:00pm @ Seitz Park where Jefferson Ave. crosses the St. Joe River>Seitz Park will have a Rainbow Farm memorial ceremony and a “Shattered Lives” display.; <2:30pm @ Seitz Park>Ibogaine press conference; <4:20pm @ Madison Center>March at 4:20pm on Madison Center drug rehab complex to demand the release of cannabis users from forced treatment (brainwashing) and demonstrate for market separation and drug treatment reform (Ibogaine.); contact: Jay: 269-697-4521;;

Spokane, Washington, USA:
<10am to 8pm @ Riverfront Park at the north side shelter>There will be live music from 10am to 8pm. The march will start at 4:20. There will be 200,000 people in the park for Bloomsday weekend.; contact: Darren: 509-998-3405;;

Springfield, Missouri, USA:
<4:20 sharp @ Springfield Square>The march will begin on the Springfield Square at 4:20 sharp, and will take approximately 1 hour (allowing time for dawdling); contact: Al: (417) 885-3993;; Joe: (417) 877-6832;;

St. Louis, Missouri, USA:
314-567-8522;; organization: St. Louis Area NORML – PO Box 220243 St. Louis, MO 63122

Starks, Maine, USA:
<4:20 pm @ Harry Brown’s Farm>marijuana maypole, infoshop, open jam; contact: 207-696-8879;;

Stavanger, Norway:
<15.00 @ Gronnsakstorget> contact: Helena: +47 99 32 59 61;; organization: NORMAL – +47 22 46 39 84;; Norwegian Organisation for Reform of the Marijuana Laws

Stuart, Florida, USA:
chad: 561-213-7307;;

Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada:
<12 noon until 8:30 pm @ exhibition grounds on Clark Street>We have a few speakers, vendors…of course the Sacred Tree of Life will be burning during the whole event.; <2:00 pm @ exhibition grounds on Clark Street>March! We will march down Coursol road, along Front Street to King Street, to John Street and back to the event grounds.; contact: Michael: 705 753-4756;; organization: Tarzan’s Mission of the Sacred Herb –

Stuttgart, Germany:

Syracuse, New York, USA:
Jacqueline:; organization: SSDP –

Tampa, Florida, USA:
Anthony: 1-888-210-0425(Pager, Daytime);;

Tampere, Finland:
<14:00 @ Hämeenpuisto/Metso>MMM touring around central areas starts 14:00 at Hämeenpuisto/Metso; contact: Janne:; Lasse:; organization: Hamppukaupunki –;

Tel Aviv, Israel:
Boaz: 972-54-573679;;

Telluride, Colorado, USA:
Robert: 970-708-2348;;

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada:
Doug: 807-475-7436;;

Tokyo, Japan:
Takao – Cannabist: +81-3-3706-6885;;

Toledo, Ohio, USA:
Sandy: 419-381-0901; organization: Marijuana Party – 419-381-9461;

Toronto, Ontario, Canada:
<noon – 6pm @ Queen’s Park North>food, entertainment, parade, and some good ol times; contact: Larry: (416)540-7829; (416)242-2635(Fax);; organization: Toronto Area Association / Marijuana Party of Canada – (416)367-3459;

Traverse City, Michigan, USA:
Melody: (231)885-2993;;

Trondheim, Norway:
<15.00 @ Torget> contact: Jorgen: +47 99 32 59 61;; organization: NORMAL – +47 22 46 39 84;; Norwegian Organisation for Reform of the Marijuana Laws

Tucson, Arizona, USA:
mary: (520)323-2947;;

Tula, Russia:

Turku, Finland:

Ukiah, California, USA:
<High Noon @ Ukiah Courthouse>Acoustic music and various speakers; <3 pm @ Todd Grove park>pot luck picnic; contact: Verge: 707-882-2457;;

Upper Lake, California, USA:
Linda: 707-275-8879;;

Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA:
<5 p.m. @ on the Quad>Friday May 2nd; contact: Kate: (217) 332-3169;;

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:
<2pm (sharp!) @ the Art Gallery at Georgia and Howe in downtown Vancouver>There will be bands, speakers, and prizes for best signs and costumes. Bands include locals Bud Freque, Contraband, Big “B”, Jacob Cino and Bounty Hunta. To help put up posters, please drop by the BCMP HQ at 307 West Hastings street.; contact: David: 604 682-1172;; organization: Marijuana Party –

Ventura, California, USA:
<3:00 PM @ Park at Thompson Blvd and Chestnut>Meet at the Park at Thompson Blvd and Chestnut at 1:00 PM; march through downtown; contact: Amber: 805 653-5633;; Dayna: 805 890-6855;;;

Vermilion, Ohio, USA:
<time: n/a @ in the park?> contact: Sonny: 967-6069;;

Vienna, Austria:
Bushdoctor: +43 (01) 524 04 40; +43 (01) 524 04 24(Fax);;

Waco, Texas, USA:
<12:00 noon @ Waco City Hall>I want to get a lot of people together holding signs and protesting against the unfair marijuana laws in this country, or advocating a change in policy much like that of Canada or England.; contact: Charlie & Carlos: 254-755-8339;; organization: Baylor Students for the Reform of Marijuana Laws –;

Walton, Kansas, USA:
Dave: 620-837-4496;;

Warszawa, Poland:
Adam: +48503692715;;

Washington, D.C., USA:
<12:30pm – 7:30pm @ McPherson Square (15th & I Streets)>We are having speakers & rally first, then the march, then music.; <10:00 AM @ THE MONUMENT> contact: Toni:; BRANDON: steffy1321@AOL.COM;

Wellington, New Zealand:
<high noon @ Frank Kitts Park>Sponsors: Switched On Gardener, Knaster Hanf; contact: Ben: +64 25 377509;; our wellington crew if you can help); our wellington crew if you can help); organization: NORML NZ – PO Box 27-315 Wellington, New Zealand

Wenatchee, Washington, USA:
<4:20 @ triangle park(on miller st.)> contact: Jennifer: 509-662-1338;;

Wichita, Kansas, USA:
I will plan a cookout with speakers, but will certainly discourage any smoking of the herb cannabis.; Debby: (316) 681 1743;; organizations: KS NORML –; Hemp Industries of Kansas –

Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada:
<march 2 3 4 – 4:20pm @ legislature building>Meet at legislative at 4:20pm and get fuckin stoned in front of the police!!!!!!!!! smoke t!ll y0u fucken choke!; contact: Chris:; 227-6417;; justin: 204-897-8816;;

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA:
Queen Selassie: (336)995-1737; (336) 995-4017;;

Worcester, Massachusetts, USA:
<noon to 6:00 PM @ Green Hill Park>The parking situation is very bad; please park downtown and take a bus (#23, #26N, or #24) from City Hall on Main St.; <noon to 6:00 PM @ Green Hill Park>protest rally and concert for support of reforming the marijuana laws. David “C.J. Bunn,” whose home was raided by the police last month while in the hospital, hopes to act as Master of Ceremonies with David Peel, the “Woodie Gutherie of Yippie Politics.”; <noon to 6:00 PM @ Green Hill Park>Speakers include: Yakov Kronrod (organizer/Students for Legalization of Marijuana and Hemp), David “Captain Joint” Bunn (activist/board of directors Mass Cann),; <noon to 6:00 PM @ Green Hill Park>Speakers include: Terry Franklin (2000 Candidate for State Rep. and activist with the U-Mass Cannabis Reform Coalition), Prof. George Phillies (Pioneer Valley Libertarian Association and Central Massachusetts Liberty Coalition),; <noon to 6:00 PM @ Green Hill Park>Speakers include: Ron Madnick (Worcester chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union), Mark Braunstein (Medicinal MJ patient), Keith Saunders, P.hD (sociologist/board of directors Mass Cann),; <noon to 6:00 PM @ Green Hill Park>Speakers include: Danny Bunn (a victim of Drug War), Jeanne “Gramma For Ganja” Ferguson (activist/board of directors Mass Cann); <noon to 6:00 PM @ Green Hill Park>Musical acts(in order of appearance): Turn Table Terrorists(techno and DJs), 34 Spoons(rock and punk), Stratejacket(heavy metal), Racoon Village(Jam Band), spin*star(Rock), Rainshine(Rock), David Peel(Apple records), Rick Blaze, Trauma Concept(Metal); contact: C.J. & Judi: 413-245-3675;; Yuko: (508) 410-0846; organization: Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition\NORML – P.O. Box 0266 Georgetown, MA 01833-0366 781-944-2266; A State Affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

Zurich, Switzerland:
<time: n/a @ Culture Centre>Barbecue-Party in the Culture Centre in Seebach/Zurich; contact: +41 43 299 94 11; +41 43 299 92 12(Fax);;