What Are The Best Weed Pipes?

One of the easiest ways to smoke marijuana, cannabis, weed, etc., is to do so from a pipe. Weed pipes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors and can range from as little as $10 for the most basic styles. With all of the options available, there’s definitely a pipe to suit everyone.

Where can I buy a weed pipe?

Unless you have dedicated smoking shops in your area, your best bet is to browse the internet to find a decent pipe. Although tobacco pipes can be used to smoke weed, they usually have much larger bowls. Those who smoke only tobacco will usually smoke more significant amounts over those who are just smoking weed. This makes the larger bowl unnecessary, and can sometimes cause difficulties in trying to light your weed.

Retail shops will often only have a limited selection, as well as inflated priced. By using online retailers, you open yourself up to every style of pipe imaginable, as competitive prices. This is also useful for those who don’t wish to be seen in a smoking shop.

Components of a weed pipe

Before we continue, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the component parts of a pipe. Although not complex, certain styles and sizes of pipe components can change the way the smoke will taste and feel when you take a hit.  If you break a specific part of you pipe, knowing the name of it will let you get a replacement without having to buy a whole new pipe.

Mouthpiece – This part is pretty self-explanatory. This is the bit that your lips go on and where the smoke will come out from.

Stem – The stem connects the mouthpiece, to the shank.

Shank – This is the main part of the pipe and connects the stem to the bowl.

Bowl – The bowl is the open part at the end, where you pack your weed. This is also where it’s ignited.

How many types of weed pipes are there?

Most pipes are categorized by either their style, or the materials used to make them.

glass weed pipes

Glass pipes – Glass pipes are definitely the most popular for smoking weed in. They don’t add any additional flavors or texture to the smoke, that other materials might add. Glass pipes can come in an array of different sizes, shapes, and colors. They’re a little more fragile than their wooden or metal counterparts, but a decently made glass pipe will be treated so that it’s a lot stronger than ordinary glass. Heat displaces from these pipes reasonably fast, too.


wooden weed pipes

Wooden pipes – Usually designed for tobacco use, wooden pipes can work just as well for smoking weed in. A wooden pipe for tobacco will normally have a much larger bowl than a pipe created specifically for weed. This is due to a tobacco smoker having longer smokes, rather than the short and sharp style of weed pipe smoking. The wood will give an extra natural flavor to the smoke. Wooden pipes are usually decorated with small carvings and designs.


metal weed pipes

Metal pipes – Metal pipes can come in many crazy and interesting designs. Regular chamber pipes have a bowl that’s connected to an L shape shank and mouthpiece. Some may have additional chambers that will let the smoke roll a lot longer before hitting your mouth. The metal, along with the rolling of the smoke, can reduce the temperature of the smoke a lot faster than other pipes. Metal water pipes are also quite a common occurrence, and due to the design and metal colors used, often look like old antiques.


bubbler weed pipes

Bubbler pipes – A bubbler pipe is an amalgamation of a regular pipe and a bong. Adding a little bit of water to it will force the smoke to be filtered through the water. This filtering takes out a lot of the tar and residue from the smoke, at the same time as cooling it. This often produces a very pleasurable and smooth smoking experience.


Chillum weed pipes

Chillum pipes – Originating from India and used by holy men, the chillum is a conical pipe that started to become popular and widespread in the 1960s. They are popular throughout the world for smoking tobacco, weed and even opium. The smaller the pipe, the hotter the smoke will be. Chillums offer quite a strong and unfiltered hit and are best used by those with a bit of smoking experience. They are made from glass, wood, and stone.


foldable weed pipes

Foldable pipes – Designed with storage in mind, foldable pipes are the ultimate option for travel. Usually made from wood and metal, foldable pipes slide and fit together, and while extended, almost look like a whistle. As they can be disassembled, nobody will have a clue what it is just by looking at it.


one hitter pipes

One hitter pipes – Like the name suggests, one hitters are pipes that have just about enough room in them to pack enough weed for one hit. They can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and can even replicate the design of a fake cigarette. They also often come with dug outs, which has enough room to store your pipe, as well as another compartment to store a small amount of weed. If you feel the need to smoke in public, this is probably your best option.


Stealth Weed Pipes

Stealth pipes – Although they have a similar function to foldable pipes, stealth pipes needs its own section. These pipes take on the appearance of ordinary, everyday items. Favorite examples include lipstick, pens and small pocket torches. With a simple twist or pull, these otherwise regular items can turn into a fully functioning pipe, capable of at least an adequate hits worth.


vaporizer weed pipes

Vaporizer pipes – This style of pipe is becoming a lot more popular recently. By vaporizing, you allow yourself to get all of the THC from your weed, without the need of creating smoke. Although these pipes can be made at home, it is always best to purchase a purpose built one from an online retailer.

Go take a hit!

With so many different options available, there’s never been a better time to start experimenting with all the pipe styles and materials. Even if you’re complacent with your weed pipe, trying new pipes can keep things fresh.

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