Why You Should Own A One Hitter Pipe

One hitter pipes are one of the most common styles used in the weed world and are perfect for beginners, as well as stoner veterans.

One of the big draws to One Hitters is that a lot of the designs mimic the look of a stand cigarette. If people nearby catch a glimpse of your pipe, they won’t double take and no alarm bells will be ringing. Due to their size, these pipes are also some of the easiest to conceal and hide. They can easily fit into any type of pocket or pouch.

For the experienced users, they favor this style of pipe due to the intensity of the hits, if you pack it correctly. This lets you get higher by using less weed than normal.

one hitter pipe

What exactly is a One Hitter?

Different style pipes have been made throughout the years to cater for specific preferences and occasions. The invention of the One Hitter is to cater to those who wish to get the most benefit from their weed, while away from their fancier pipes back at home.

Due to its small size, the pipe has just enough room in its bowl to pack enough weed, or herb blend in it for a sufficient hit. Every time you spark up, you will be able to get a good lungful of smoke.

As previously said, One Hitters can come in the shape and color of replica cigarettes, as a metal pipe. They’re also available as glass, wood and clay pipes.

how to smoke one hitter

How to smoke a One Hitter

Learning how to pack your One Hitter correctly can make the difference from having a great hit, to having an unpleasurable smoke. Also, packing it correctly will let you be efficient with your stash, as to not waste it.

A lot of beginner smokers make the huge mistake of grinding their weed too small, then packing out the bowl. The problem with this, is that a lot of the weed can be wasted due to the intensity of the heat on the smaller particles. Learn to pack your bowl with decent sized pieces, and to have just enough for a good hit. If the next time you use your One Hitter, and it tastes like it’s burnt, rather than that lovely weed taste, then that’s a sign your herb is too ground up.

How to pack your One Hitter

As we touched on previously, learning how to pack your pipe is the only way you’ll get the most out of it. Following the steps below should give you a good idea of the ideal process, but it will definitely take a number of tries to perfect it to an art. Doing this all correctly will make your smoke taste great and you’ll wonder why you never learnt sooner.

The grind – The most important aspect of packing a One Hitter is to not grind down your herb too small. If you do, it’ll ignite too quickly and all you’ll end up doing is inhaling a very sub-standard smoke, filled with ash. What you need to do is rub your buds over the bowl with your fingers, until it breaks apart and fills the bowl up. Gently tap it down using your finger, but take care not to press too hard. You want there to still be a decent air flow through the weed so that it burns correctly.

Packing – A really common cheat way of packing your pipe is to place it vertically into your ground tub of weed. By twisting the pipe a couple of times, you’ll get as much weed in there as possible, but as you didn’t pack it down with your finger, there will still be lots of air flow to help you with that perfect burn.

Slowly does it – After making sure that your bowl is packed correctly, it’s time to give it a hit. Bring a flame to the bowl and slowly start inhaling. Getting the correct amount of inhalation is also an art in itself.

What if my pipe gets a blockage?

If you start to use your One Hitter more frequently, you’ll find that it occasionally it’ll get clogged up. This isn’t a problem though and it’s very easily remedied.

As soon as you’ve finished smoking and your bowl has cooled, give your pipe a few gentle taps on a hard surface, with your bowl facing down. If this doesn’t break up the blockage fully, use any form of poker to remove any debris that’s left. Paper clips, toothpicks, and even dabbers (if you have one) are perfect for unclogging your pipe.

If your pipe seems to get blocked frequently, it’s advisable to always keep something to unclog it nearby.

How to clean your One Hitter

You’ve had a great time enjoying your favorite herb blend using your One Hitter but now it’s time to clean it, in preparation for its next use. Maintaining your pipe is almost as easy as rectifying a clog.

As soon as you believe your pipe is dirty enough to warrant a clean, use whatever item that you use to unclog it and poke through the hole a few times. This will displace any of the residues and build up formed from the smoke.

If you feel like that isn’t enough, then place the pipe in a watertight plastic bag and pour in some alcohol and salt. Give it a good shake and let it rest for 20-30 minutes. Then, remove it from the bag and rinse it off with warm water. Your once previously dirt pipe now looks brand new.

one hitter join the club

Join the One Hitter club

That’s everything you need to know about One Hitters and how to maintain them. If you get into the habit of spot cleaning it after every use, you’ll never experience any blockages.

If you have never used one before, hopefully, you’ll now consider adding one to your collection of pipes and you’ll be able to see for yourself why they’re so popular.

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